A million users are experiencing a great video ad feeling
thanks to the Avoplayer, available for all common platforms.


Video Advertising To Go

All supported platforms are maintained within their individual native video solution. This ensures excellent user experience for all videos and on all platforms. Simple to integrate, the Avoplayer offers high performance for your video advertising campaigns.


Supporting the native solutions respectively, the Avoplayer can be used on all supported platforms.

Modern Features For Your Business

We´re working hard to make the Avoplayer even better and to integrate latest innovations

Flash and HTML5 support

Working with Flash player and HTML5 on websites and HTML5 on mobile devices, the Avoplayer ensures top performance. Of course, SmartTV is also included.

Competent for Pre-, Mid- and Post-Roll

The Avoplayer comes with built-in water falling, can manage multiple ad blocks on different platforms and is supportive to up to VAST 3.0.

Native streaming supporting structure

Supporting all native video streaming variants on the market, such as RTMP, HLS, HDS and PMD. Easy and identical configuration and implementation for diverse ad blocks.

Maximize personal customization

Customize the Avoplayer by managing video advertising campaigns individually in order to maximize revenue. Google Analytics can be integrated as well.

Native Chromecast and Airplay Support

The Chromecast integration works with all Android devices as well as with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The Chromecast solution works on all iOS applications.
The Chromecast solution also works on SmartTV.

Shipped with Google Analytics

The Google Analytics integration allowes detailed insights into your ad delivery rates.

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Live Demo - Let The Magic Happen

Configuration: 1 x Pre-Roll, 1 x Mid-Roll after 10 seconds and 1 x Post-Roll.

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